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CEO and leader of all things “BettingJesus”, including; algorithms, statistical analysis, game theory, player expectation,handicapping and Global Syndicate Management. Former award winning high tech guru, that worked on the inception of Java, Relational Data Bases, C++ and Internet routing protocols that were developed at Stanford, Unites States Military and Silicon Valley Titans. I use mathematical and statistical quantitative analysis. I am considered the most consequential sports bettor in the world. There’s not a single sports book that doesn’t value my opinion – every bet I make influences the market and moves the number within seconds.

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The Omega Syndicate 

The Omega has operated for over 35 years and has operating offices in Madrid, Macau, Las Vegas and Moscow. They are the foremost Sports Betting Syndicate in the world. They concentrate on United States sports, Soccer, Tennis and European Basketball. The Omega Syndicate has access to information only a select few have. World renowned and 100% VERIFIED …. for their high win percentage of over 70% using their global network of insiders. BettingJesus initially met the Operating Partners of the Omega Syndicate in the 1990′s while traveling in Russia, when he was a high tech executive. BettingJesus has been offering The Omega Syndicate’s plays to the public since 2008. All plays are 100% VERIFIED by a 3rd Party!